Established in 2016, Weila Capital is a London based FCA regulated financial services boutique engaged in real estate, investments and financial advisory. We specialise in executing exclusive, off-market and attractive investment opportunities. Our primary objective is to provide premium professional services tailored to our clients needs and assist them in achieving superior investment returns and minimise risk.

We strongly value confidentiality and therefore do not publicly advertise our transactions or clients. Our client relationships are built and carefully maintained on trust, honesty, discretion and dedication. We are passionate about achieving our clients’ goals. And viewing each client as a long-term partner, we work diligently to provide the highest calibre of professional services.

Weila Capital are committed to exceptional standards of corporate responsibility. We believe everything we do must benefit al l our stakeholders: our clients, employees, working partners and the environment.

Our Core Principles

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Our primary objective is succeeding in our clients’ goals and attaining very high client satisfaction. We offer our clients exclusive and unique opportunities identified by our seasoned experience and extensive network of partners.

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We value the brand and reputation of our ourselves and our clients and consequently safeguard these by upholding the highest ethical and professional standards. We believe in creating and building upon trust and long-term relationships.

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We are passionate about achieving our clients’ objectives and upon taking on a new projects, we commit our full resources, focus and efforts to achieving the objectives in the most effective and efficient manner.

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Our motto is “Ad Summa Nitor” which translates to “Strive for the highest”. We take pride in our work and ensure each assignment is completed thoroughly with the highest standards of quality.

Our Leadership

Waheed Malik

Founder & CEO

Waheed has over 20 years of accounting and banking experience and is responsible for corporate development of the firm and advising clients on investments.

He has built a strong reputation of providing honest and valuable investment advice. Waheed integrates a strong, successful entrepreneurial background with extensive financial services, capital markets and accounting experience.

Waheed began his career at Deloitte and worked across a wide range of business sectors in the UK. In 2008, he joined Jefferies investment bank offering high-yield investments to institutional investors. In 2011, Waheed joined ING Bank proprietary desk focusing on U.S. and European high yield investments before leading the developed markets sales desk in London.

Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee comprises of professionals who excel in their fields. They comprise of investment bankers, analysts, accountants, lawyers, solicitors, surveyors, entrepreneurs and directors of successful corporates who have experience in real estate, start-ups, high growth, stressed and unique investment opportunities.



Weila Capital acts on behalf of multi-billion dollar institutional investment funds. We perform thorough due diligence and are very selective
in our projects. We specialise in off-market, under-valued, high-quality, real estate opportunities across the UK and Europe.

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What we do


We target trophy and high quality assets


We cherry pick the best projects for our investors


We do not publicly
advertise any transaction.


We execute smooth, efficient
and swift deal structures.


At Weila Capital, we are committed to providing sophisticated clients, ultra-high net worth individuals and institutional clients with superior investment solutions and services. We offer a wide range of investment strategies, suited to the aims and needs of investors. We perform deep due diligence and personally investigate any assets we invest in.

Weila Capital engages in investments in four core asset classes being: real estate, alternative investments, non-performing loans and disruptive

We have two types of investors: private and institutional.

Entrepreneurs and private investors are an integral part of our business model and we always aim to develop long term relationships in the form of joint venture partnerships where possible. With such partnerships comes the ability to leverage diverse skill sets and knowledge, to deliver the best possible outcome for investors and partners alike.

This means we operate without the constraints – and excuses – that come with trying to match or mimic the performance of market benchmarks. Instead, we try to protect and grow the wealth of all our clients over the long term, while protecting them from the panic and stress that come with market crashes or instability.

If you are a business, organisation, private wealth management company, family office, pension fund or other type of institutional investor, Weila Capital can offer you unique investment opportunities suited to your investment criteria.

Our investment culture promotes freedom of thought amongst our management team and encourages us to handle each and every investment opportunity in line with their individual styles, subject to mandate restrictions and risk requirements.



We provide innovative, objective and timely advice on all aspects of raising debt and equity capital, including valuation, underwriter selection, incentive structuring, investor targeting, listing venue selection, syndicate structuring, security structuring and offering size & pricing.


MBOs provide an ideal opportunity for managers to fulfil their entrepreneurial aspirations and take a majority control of their business. We provide discreet meetings with the team to refine the MBO proposal and offer tactical and technical support around business planning, deal structuring, available funding, negotiating the right terms with the existing shareholders and help connect with our extensive network of equity and debt providers. We ensure the whole process is managed smoothly and as efficiently as possible.


We can provide a variety of debt advisory services including:
  • Reviewing existing debt structures.
  • Providing recommendations of current banking and debt products available that are best suited to the business requirements.
  • Debt pricing, terms and negotiations.
  • Reviewing debt covenants and negotiating amendments if necessary.
  • Managing all aspects of the credit ratings process.
We have well established relationships with the most active debt providers. This enables us to move swiftly to source and negotiate facilities that satisfy the specific needs of a company.


Due to the recent credit crisis, many banks and credit lenders find a significant proportion of their lending portfolio converting to into nonperforming loans (NPLs). NPLs impair the credit metrics of the institution and while a refinance or disposal may be preferred, they can often be very challenging and can result in adverse media attention or adversely affect the market value of the NPLs. We have an extensive network of credit institutions specialising in NPLs and distressed assets and without attracting unwanted attention, we can help facilitate an efficient and smooth disposal of NPLs that works in the best interests of all parties involved.


The business environment is continually changing and often capital structures fail to adapt accordingly and can result in the business suffering cashflow problems. We can assist in restructuring and refinancing capital structures to help overcome these difficulties and optimise the capital structure.


Tighter bank regulations make it more expensive for banks to hold bond and loan inventories and as a result reduces the desire to provide liquidity to the market. Consequently, financial institutions may find themselves holding positions that are illiquid, particularly for small issues. We have experience in assisting financial institutions exit their illiquid or distressed positions by discreetly and directly connecting them with suitable buyers within our extensive network of credit investors.



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